Day 1 — Friday, 9/28/12

Flight from San Diego was rather pleasant.  Pilot was engaging over the loud speaker and was even funny, so that was quite appreciated.  We sat in the center aisle this time (instead of the window seats), and with Jared (a.k.a. Turbee) in the aisle seat, he had plenty of room to stretch his long legs.  Hawaiian Airlines is our favorite because it really helps us get in the “vacation” mode and makes us feel like we begin our vacation on the plane.  I’ve heard other snooty remarks that Hawaiian isn’t the top of the line, but we always find a good deal, especially with miles rewards.  The only thing I was disappointed about is that although they still are the only airline that serves a free meal, the breakfast (“brekky”), although very tasty, left me wanting.  Fresh Hawaiian bread spread with tasty cream cheese and a cookie.  Turbee was quite happy enough with the cookie.

Layover in Honolulu (another thing I’m bummed about Hawaiian.. no direct flights to Maui.. or at least I haven’t researched it, so not sure if pricing is comparable).  Turbee was feeling a little air-sick after the first flight, but surprisingly was ALL better after I bought him a cup of Lappert’s Kona Coffee ice cream.

Flight to Maui was great; we both took a powernap before the plane even took off.  Landing was perfect and as soon as we stepped into open air (where you don’t feel the cool of recycled air conditioning but start to feel the slight humidity in the breeze from the ocean), I felt like I was home.




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