What is too hard for our God?

Is anything too hard for the LORD?  Is His hand too short to save?  What is it that you are facing today?  What fear is gnawing at your soul; what sin nipping at your heels?  What can you not forgive yourself for – for which our Savior has already died and covered with His blood?

There is NOTHING too hard for our God!  Nothing too far beyond His reach!  Know that You are loved and that He knows every detail of your life, your struggles, your heart… HE knows it!  And He cares about all those little treasures (good and bad) that you keep tucked inside.  Trust Him to be more than able to handle YOU.  As well as all those things you have let yourself believe He cannot take care of!  He is so good!  He is so good!!  He is so good!!!


~Christiane L.